From automated fellatio machine Autoblow 2 to this oscillating “guybrator,” there’s no shortage of high-tech sex toys targeted at men.

But few of them actually serve a medical purpose, save for the SW-3701 sperm extractor, a robotic device that does—well, exactly what you’d think.

Invented by a Chinese medical science and technology firm back in 2011, the machine is basically a high-powered sex robot that extracts and collects semen from men hoping to conceive a child in the near future, reports the Daily Dot.

It’s a tall, white, rectangular box with a pulsating, cylindrical device that’s intended to simulate a vagina, according to the description on its website, via “massage, twitching, sucking, vibration, etc. upon the human penis [sic].” Curiously, its Alibaba listing also says it’s for “urine collecting.”

The sperm extractor is helping clinics collect semen from donors

Because the device is made of plastic, it doesn’t perfectly replicate the experience of having sex with a human vagina, but you can modify the speed, frequency, and even temperature of the device to your liking.

The Chinese sperm extractor machine
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If you need a little, say, artistic inspiration, you can also use the headphones and a small video screen attached to the device at eye-level to get some “visual auditory stimulation,” which I guess is the People’s Republic of China’s censorship bureau’s term for “pornos.”

The SW-3701 sperm extractor looks about as sexy as it sounds: The best way to describe it is if the original desktop Macintosh had a threesome with HAL 9000 and a really angry Fleshlight.

But even though the SW-3701 is only slightly more aesthetically appealing than, say, the Autoblow 2 (which has been compared to a slutty version of R2D2), its form is far less important than its function, which is to collect sperm from men hoping to conceive a child who may be too performance-shy to produce a semen sample for doctors on demand.

I guess you can consider it one of the earliest pioneers of this modern age of male sex gadgetry.

Read the full article at the Daily Dot. H/T Future of Sex | Photo via Ben Husmann (CC BY 2.0)