It’s Exxxotica, not SEXPO™, in conflict with Dallas Convention Center.

Yet Dallas Morning News continues to use the SEXPO™ trademark as a generic term to describe any adult-type exhibition.

In fact, SEXPO™ exhibitions are currently produced in 6 states of Australia and under license in South Africa and England, with plans to licence into the USA this year.

David Ross, founding Event Organiser – Australia, said: “We must act at all times when we become aware of the misuse of our trademark. Particularly given we are in negotiations which will likely conclude with the first USA SEXPO™being staged in 2017.”

“Exxxotica seems to be a Porn Star signing event and has little in common with SEXPO™ events.”

“We have instructed our attorneys to closely examine the contents of an opinion piece, and in particular, this paragraph.”

“We don’t like this sexpo’s content any more than (Mayor) Rawlings and other critics do. The “Comic-con for porn” sends a terrible message about the objectification and exploitation of women, possibly even undermining efforts to combat human trafficking.”

SEXPO™ Cosplay Gives Sexy Cosplayers a New Home
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SEXPO™ focuses on all aspects of adult lifestyles, this goes to the types of exhibitors found at SEXPO™ events which are drawn from a pool of exhibitors.

“There are various adult type exhibitions around the world, including Exxxotica in America, but none use a focus on ‘lifestyle’ to successfully win over the media and public in the way SEXPO™ does. This focus ensures our attendance numbers are far better than any competing event with more than 50% of attendees being female,” he said.

Exxxotica organizers reportedly say of their event “It’s like going to a comic book expo and getting to meet the artists”.

2006 saw the first international licensing agreement signed, with the inaugural South African event held in 2007. Three shows are now held in South Africa each year. An instant success, these events produced several million Australian dollars of income over 3 years before being on-sold by the South African licensee for more than AUD 2,000,000 in 2010. It continues to expand under the new licensee.

The first London SEXPO™ was held in November of 2015 to rave reviews.