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spring sex toy sale

Spring isn’t just for cleaning, it’s for reorganizing your sex life! That’s all the more reason to try something new and keep your sex life spicy.

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It’s LELO’s notorious best-seller for many reasons. Its best feature is driven by SenSonic technology, which basically means that instead of being an ordinary “clit sucker”, it actually sends pulses into the vulva and creates intensely pleasurable sensations.

Compared to the first-generation SONA, SONA 2 contains a wider range of intensities, 4 additional pulsation modes, and a wider mouth to accompany more anatomy. Start off slow and listen to what your body craves, because a slight hover may be enough to set you over the edge.


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tiani 2

Because jewelry is cliche and chocolates in a heart-shaped box are tacky, giving the gift of increased pleasure is an absolute Valentine’s must, especially if it’s a gift that gives to the both of you. The TIANI 2 is a perfect gesture of sharing that pleasure, as it is designed to be worn vaginally during partnered lovemaking to provide deliciously vibrant sensations to the clitoris while also sending vibrations into the penis. Sharing is caring after all, no? 


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One of the absolute must-haves for anyone’s toy collection, the GIGI 2 stands as an improved version of the iconic G-spot massager. It features a specially-designed tip that applies sensations more directly to the frontal wall of the vagina, which many people report as a highly pleasurable erogenous zone (aka the G-spot). When you want to switch things up, the unique shape of GIGI 2 is also great for external clitoral massage.


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sila product aqua

SILA is one of the newest clit suckers to join LELO’s successful family of massagers. It uses the same SenSonic technology found in SONA, but has a gentler array of vibration levels designed for a longer and stronger buildup for deeply explosive orgasms. Try edging your climaxes to increase intensity!


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LELO LILY 2 Lavender Product reviews

The cutest little clitoral vibrator you ever did see is most definitely the classic LILY 2. This has been one of LELO’s best-sellers for years and it’s not hard to understand why; with its cute, palm-sized exterior that houses a powerful little vibrating motor, it’s a natural fit for solo play as well as making love with a trusted partner.


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INA wave

Of all the rabbit style, dual-pleasure sex toys out there, the INA Wave blows them all away with some extra unique functions. Not only does it provide intense vibrations simultaneously situated on the G-spot and the clitoris, but it also mimics the natural finger motions of targeted G-spot massage. So, when someone says that you can’t have it all, you can show them the INA Wave and that oughta shut them up quick!


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Mia 2

Speaking of cute clit vibes, the trophy-holder for the most sought-after discreet little rumbler is hands down the MIA 2. Designed as a ‘lipstick vibe’ (just look at it and it’s pretty clear), MIA 2 is a subtle vibe that is perfect for travel or keeping in a purse for whatever situation arises.

When it’s low on battery, no problem! Just remove its waterproof cap and pop it right into a USB port.


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From the Insignia collection, SORAYA 2 offers intense and simultaneous clitoral and G-spot stimulation to satisfy the highest of standards, and it’s absolutely gorgeous to boot. Its external arm is flexible enough to suit a variety of body types, so it’s the perfect gift for anyone with exquisite tastes.


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LELO beads

LELO Beads provide a pelvic floor exercise that is as pleasurable as it is effective. As you wear and flex your muscles around the LELO Beads, you’re exercising your way to a whole host of health benefits as well as even greater sensual enjoyment for years to come. Kegels can not only help with bladder control, but stronger orgasms. 


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ora 3 aqua

The oral-sex-as-a-present joke is tired, so it’s time to get wired with ORA 3. It uses flicks and swirls to simulate oral sex, but oh so much better. It uses PreMotion Technology to increase in power when you press it against your body, and with 1 hour of battery use per charge, you’ll tire out before it does.


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Article Source : lelo.com – Swedish designer brand and the world’s leading provider of intimate lifestyle products.

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