Check out this eye-catching infographic from Fandor which tracks the history of sex on film.

Everyone’s all hot and bothered by the “50 Shades of Grey trailer that dropped yesterday, but really, the erotic, S&M-tinged flick is just the latest in the long, steamy relationship of sex on film, sex and the cinema.

As part of its “Spotlight on Sexploitation,” Fandor created this nifty infographic which highlights Sex and the Cinema’s history, tracking sex on screen from “The Kiss” in the earliest days of cinema to “Blue is the Warmest Color.”

History of Sex on Film

Erotic sex scenes have been presented in films since the silent era of cinematography. Many actors and actresses have exposed at least parts of their bodies or dressed and behaved in ways considered sexually provocative by contemporary standards at some point in their careers.

Some films containing sex scenes have been criticised by religious groups or banned by governments, or both. Sex scenes have been presented in many genres of film; while in some genres sexuality is rarely depicted.

As the smart folks at Fandor explain, “These boundary-pushing films arose with an air of sexual liberation in the 1960s. Sexploitation increasingly figured in the public eye as filmmakers took more risqué risks — even trying to be artistic! — until the early ’90s, when VCRs and cable TV brought outright porn fully into the privacy of homes”, reports IndieWire.


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