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The LELO IDA Wave comes with many improvements after its predecessor, the best part being it’s rotating internal nub that offers a deep stimulation of the G-spot. The bulb of the toy rests on the clitoris, while still allowing room for penetrative sex with a partner. Pair it with the LELO app for total hands-free pleasure. See what sex toy reviewers are saying below.

ida wave vibrator

LELO IDA Wave Review – App Connected Dual Vibrator

“Kitty was surprised by the vaginal stem that started to rotate, I had not warned her, it is more fun. This rod works well, because once we took out the IDA Wave, it was still quit soaked. And I almost forgot that Kitty also told me that the stem was more interesting when standing and lying down, rather than sitting.

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Ida Wave LELO – Sex Toy Review

“Using the app is better than using it manually as you can have more variety and increase the intensity of the patterns according to your tastes. In addition, it is more comfortable as you don’t have to keep reaching down every time you want to change the pattern.

While I was using Ida, I was thinking that I would like to increase the intensity more than what was possible. But then when I had an epic, sheet-gripping orgasm, I knew that the intensity was just right.

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The Lelo Ida Vibrating/Rotating Vibrator

The vibrations come from the clitoris section of the toy and do a pretty good job at conducting the vibrations down the line towards the end of the toy. That does mean that the vibrations are strongest at the clitoris. The rotating end of the toy makes up for any sensations that don’t make it all the way through. Vibrations are shared between the two partners, with the woman being able to feel the vibrations against her clitoris and vaginal canal while the man has his penis massaged all the while.

Don really enjoys how the vibrations are shared between himself & I, one of his favorite tricks is to press down on the part of the toy on top of my clitoris now and again to give me an extra jolt of sensation. The real joy of the Ida is that you’re sharing these special sensations with your partner at the same time, from the same device.”

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Lelo Ida Wave Review: Time to Relish Organsmic Explosions!

The best part is that it’s silent enough, so I can use it in many occasions, at home or in public, without worrying too much of others hearing me. I’ve used it a few time when taking night flights, the engine sound totally can cover the vibration noise.

Besides, the unique wave motion that the motor produces creates a sensation similar to the feeling of actual tongue movement, which allows me to achieve intense explosive orgasms with ease.

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How To Use LELO IDA Wave

Apply personal moisturizer to both “arms” of the IDA Wave. Then, insert the smaller arm so that it touches your G-spot and so that the external bulb is comfortably snug against your clitoris.

how to use ida wave

Turn it on, let the excitement build slowly, and teasingly explore different pleasure settings.

how to use ida wave

Pair it with the LELO app and allow your passion and the sensations to overwhelm you, then enjoy the afterglow.

how to use ida wave


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