Temptation Holidays the home of adult only holidays, is pleased to announce the launch of the Sensual Masterclass Series.

The very first Sensual Masterclass Series event will take place at the iconic and prestigious Barbican venue in London on Thursday 30th November 2017.

The series of Sensual Masterclasses will be presented by Sh! the award winning erotic emporium and pioneering female sexuality experts.

They will be sharing their expertise and knowledge on the body, pleasure products, role play and tricks and tips, and advice to enhance relationships. The event is divided into six segments of “For Her Pleasure”, “The Seductive Arts”, “Erotic Fantasy Writing”, “For His Pleasure”, “Hanky, Panky, Spanky!” and “All Tied Up”. Further details for each of these can be found here.

For Her Pleasure – Discover new heights to female pleasure. Focusing on female anatomy, your ‘sensual tutor’ will talk you through various aspects of female arousal and how they link to a woman’s most potent sexual organ – her brain. In a relaxed mood, we share tips and tricks on how to choose the best sex toys for you and how to best use them to enhance every orgasm.

The Seductive Arts – Open the door to a more fulfilling sex life by perfecting your seduction skills. Our experts will help you harness your unique power, up your flirting game, take control of your sensual experiences and so much more. True confidence awaits – and that’s irresistible.

Erotic Fantasy Writing – Express your deepest desires and free your sexual fantasies through your own erotic writing. This class will get your creative juices flowing and give you the confidence to let your imagination run wild. Who knows where it will lead in your life off the page?

For His Pleasure – Discover how to blow his mind every time in our most popular class that gets to grips with enhancing male pleasure. Our guest ‘sensual master’ will guide you through male anatomy, erotic hotspots and expert techniques in a talk of no-holds barred, playful fun.

Hanky, Panky, Spanky! – A light-hearted interactive look at spanking and how to make it part of your sensual experiences. Our guest expert will be on hand(!) to teach you how to spank safely and show you how different instruments can be used to create contrasting, enjoyable sensations.

All Tied Up – Discover the thrills of interactive sensual bondage in an evening of shared discovery and willing submission. Under expert guidance, learn how to use blindfolds, cuffs and feathers to tease, tantalise and create intense levels of erotic anticipation.

Temptation Holidays
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Temptation Holidays –The Home of Sensual Wellbeing Holidays for Adults

The Sensual Masterclass Series has been created for women only (18+) and promises to be a fun, friendly and relaxed night out coupled with lots of laughter. There’s also an opportunity for guests to get involved, (that’s fully clothed by the way!) and win prizes by participating in the light-hearted games, or to simply sit back, watch, absorb and enjoy!

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To celebrate the launch of the Sensual Masterclass Series, tickets are available at the special price of £35.

Doors open at 6.30pm with the event starting at 7pm so there’s time to grab a drink in the private guest only area before the main event.  The event will last approximately 90 minutes with an interval.

Find out more about the event and book tickets here.

To view other adult only events and the variety of holidays available, please visit temptationholidays.com or follow us on Twitter @TemptationHols