Joanna Angel talks about the evolution of BDSM, safe words & her new sex toy line.

Joanna Angel is the queen of alt pornography.

With hot pink streaks through her raven hair and a petite frame adorned with colourful tattoos, the Brooklyn native “punk princess” of porn created her production company, Burning Angel, shortly after graduating from Rutgers University with degrees in literature and film, reports The Frisky.

Porn Stars Talk Celeb Sex Tapes With Daily BeastThis time of year, Joanna is a busy bee. Burning Angel was nominated for numerous awards at this weekend’s AVN Awards, she has movies to make, a Fleshlight to promote, and most recently, she inked an exclusive deal with LA-based sex toy and bondage boutique the Stockroom for her new line of BDSM sex toys.

“There’s a flogger, and it’s really good, I tried it out and I got whipped pretty hard and I didn’t have any markings on me or anything so I think that’s great. You can fun with it and not have to worry about having to look like an abused housewife on the beach the next day,” says Joanna.

“It’s pink and black, everything is pink and black.” The collection also includes a cock ring, ball gag, collars, leashes, and handcuffs, among other articles of pleasure (and pain). Check them out here.

Rihanna and a little book-turned-film you may have heard called Fifty Shades of Grey brought BDSM out of the closet and into our Top 40 playlists and mothers’ living rooms. Yet once upon a time, the kink community predominantly thrived in an underworld of sex clubs, dungeons, swingers parties, and a side shelf of VHS tapes in grungy adult film stores.

The social norms have changed. Curious how the kink evolution has looked from the eyes of a seasoned adult star with her own empire, I spoke to Joanna about her new toy line, the BDSM revolution, and how safe words are overrated.

Sophie Saint Thomas: Tell me about the new sex toy line.

Joanna Angel: I’m really excited about it. I love Stockroom. They’re a smaller company kind of like mine, the kind of company where you can walk in and you see the owner working all the time, it’s not like the owner lives on an island and you never see them.

I really think they are the reason BDSM and fetish has become more attainable; they’ve managed to create something that’s really sexy and really high end. I feel like they were the first people to do that, or the first that I saw. They kind of do things differently than other novelty companies, I’m really thankful to have a name behind it.

Joanna AngelHow does your line differentiate from other BDSM stuff out there?

I do love Stockroom, but when you go there there’s a lot of things that are definitely meant for those very advanced in the BDSM world. There’s marketing towards very specific niche market of people who are experienced people in that scene, and I really wanted my line to kind of gear more towards the beginners.

A lot of the stuff that Stockroom carries is deep red or blacks and grey and I think by having my line be all hot pink, I just want to make it more accessible to people. I might be representing something a lot of the BDSM people don’t like, like I know a lot of people in the community they don’t like that it’s more accessible and fashionable and mainstream, but I am all about couples trying out handcuffs for the first time.

So you don’t have to have a large background in BDSM to use this.

I have a lot of couples that are fans, and I have these fans that have told me they watched my movies and they’re like married with kids, and they like rented a hotel room for a night and got a baby sitter and experimented with things they had never tried before, and I think that’s really great.

It [toys] could get used every single night, but if it’s only one night of the year that the whips come out then that’s fine. I don’t think you have to be like 24/7 like a lifestyle person to enjoy. It’s the same way with me, some of the sex scenes I do are really rough, and other ones I do are really passionate, and I think like … if you’re a sexual person you don’t have to be limited to one thing.

So that’s kind of what I was trying to get my line to do. But I mean all the products they are hardcore, I used the hog tie for my photoshoot and all the restraints that go along with it, if you put it on there’s no way of getting out of it!

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