Submissive Women and their Doms party is to be held this weekend at The Chardmore Society.

We have a party coming up this Sunday for submissive women and their dominant male partners.

I thought I would answer a question that people often ask…  What exactly happens at these parties?

First, a bit of background. I’ve run various large fetish events in the UK and USA – even a couple at Sydney University in Austraila. These “Chardmore Society” parties are different though…

When I moved to Richmond, in sunny South West London, I wanted to have a few small scale, semi-private parties, just for a few friends, with a relaxed atmosphere. The big clubs like Torture Garden etc. do a super job, but I fancied something smaller scale, more personal, just for fun. (No loud music – you can actually talk to the other guests!

Hence The Chardmore Society, which is small and friendly, with no ambitions to become big. It’s just for fun. Most of the guests at our parties are people I’d welcome in my home. And, of course, it’s quite rude. Obviously.

The Submissive Women and their Doms party this Sunday starts at a civilised 3pm. You arrive at an anonymous-looking industrial estate in Sunbury, not far from Heathrow, near Upper Halliford station. Parking is easy and free: there’s no-one around on a Sunday.

We have exclusive use of the entire building. The doors are locked, to keep the party totally private. No single men are allowed and everyone has to book a ticket online, so I know who everyone is. This makes for a really nice atmosphere – you are in a very safe space.

There’s usually around fifteen couples, making it a big enough gathering, but not crowded. We have an excellent dungeon, including whipping benches, a sybian, suspension frame, a TENS unit and a splendid fucking machine. (Actually, we should have a second fucking machine by this Sunday – it’s supposed to be delivered on Friday, touch wood.)

I usually put this stuff into several private rooms, so you can have a go on whatever you like in private, or take others in the room with you if you wish – whatever works for you.

We can show you how to use all this stuff safely. Newcomers are very welcome and there is no pressure to play – never feel under any pressure at these parties.

You can just hang out and chat if you like – no problem.

Sometimes people ask whether everyone is young and beautiful at these parties. The answer is no!

All ages, colours and body shapes are equally welcome at all my parties. This is about fun with your partner, not a fashion parade.

Another rule is no drugs of any kind, no poppers, nothing like that, please. No cameras, of course, but I will take a private photo for you if you like. We don’t sell alcohol, so please bring your own. (You can even bring food if you fancy a snack while playing.) We do sell soft drinks, though.

Dress code is another query – please wear fetish or all black. Make a bit of an effort – no blue jeans please! It’s fine to change when you get there. You can dress as rudely as you like. Naked on a leash is fine.

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Women – if you would like your man to give you a loving and sane version of “50 Shades” for the afternoon,  get him to bring you here. You can be led around on a leash, strung up, flogged and introduced to the sybian for five hours of fun on Sunday -– then home at 8pm for a nice supper with the kids. Just don’t tell them where you’ve been…

Entry is £30 per couple or £15 per single woman, all prepaid. There is no admission on the door – we want to keep it a friendly and exclusive group of femsub people. Couples must arrive together. If and when a single woman asks us to, we can invite a nice dom guy, just to balance the numbers.

To book, see our website here –