Lexi Lowe and Jasmine Jae appear on Channel 4 News

The show aired during the prime-time 7pm show on Channel 4 on Tuesday 17th February.

Leading UK porn-stars Lexi Lowe and Jasmine Jae have appeared on Channel 4 News to discuss their use of Twitter as a promotional tool for part of an investigation by Channel 4 into the extent of Twitter’s porn community.

Lexi Lowe & Jasmine Jae
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Lexi Lowe & Jasmine Jae shoot for the March issue of Mayfair Magazine

The piece showed segments of Lexi and Jasmine in lingerie during a shoot together for Mayfair magazine, a Paul Raymond publication, which had been filmed a few days prior.

Geoff White, the network’s technology producer, can be seen giving a piece to camera about the porn industry’s prolific use of Twitter whilst Lexi and Jasmine are pictured in the background during the softcore shoot.

During the interview Jasmine told Channel 4 News: “When I first came into the industry one of the first pieces of advice was to get on Twitter. It’s about building your profile, you can see who’s shooting and it’s a good way of contacting people.

Ninety-seven per cent of the work I’ve got is me approaching people and them approaching me on Twitter.”

Collectively Lexi and Jasmine have in excess of 120,000 Twitter followers who can enjoy the daily tweets.

Lexi explained how she tries to deter any under-age followers herself: “You can have a warning which comes up every time you post a picture which says click if you want to see it. So it doesn’t just come up on someone’s screen. They have to click to see it. That’s as censored as Twitter gets. I try to be clear on my bio that it’s an 18-plus account.”

“We have children and younger family members and don’t want them seeing stuff that is too full-on and inappropriate.”

Mark Hassell of Paul Raymond publications added: “I think Twitter should look at filtering and putting in an 18+ restriction. I think everyone in the adult industry would think that’s the right thing.”

The networks investigation concluded that “roughly one in every thousand tweets is a pornographic image with as many as 500,000 sexual images posted daily, including images of hardcore and extreme sexual practices”

Lexi Lowe & Jasmine Jae on TV
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Speaking about people’s reaction since the show aired Lexi said “I gained a few hundred followers in the space of 5 minutes whilst it aired“.

Lexi continued “Appearing on the news was a far bigger promotional tool for me than Twitter, the news piece very clearly showed my Twitter profile so it was easy for viewers to find me”

Jasmine added “The feedback has been mostly positive, of course you have the usual anti-porn propaganda but in 2015 I think most people are well aware that porn is available on the internet for free. I think the majority of people would agree that better parental control is needed instead of censoring adults”

The news article and accompanying video of the piece that was aired on Channel 4 news can be found at http://www.channel4.com/news/one-in-every-thousand-tweets-is-porn

The results of the photo-shoot as seen being shot on Channel 4 will be showcased in the March issue of Mayfair magazine on sale March 6th 2015 and will feature both Lexi and Jasmine on the cover of the prestigious top-shelf magazine.

A digital copy will be available to purchase from Digitalmagazines.xxx

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