The Lovers’ Dream is a couple’s sexual device, that increases pleasure while making love.

Although The Lovers’ Dream is completely new on the market, this innovative product has been researched, conceptualized, developed and re-developed over the course of many years.

Right now, the inventors of The Lovers’ Dream have launched a project on Indiegogo to raise the funds to bring this innovative product to market.

What is The Lovers’ Dream?

The Lovers’ Dream has been developed to enhance pleasure and passion during the most intimate moments of couples’ lovemaking, because we all want a healthier and more exciting sexual experience”, says founder/inventor Lawrence Mark.

“Couples deserve to have adventure and excitement, even after being in a relationship for years or, with a new friend.”

The Fit

The revolutionary Lovers’ Dream has been specifically designed to fit snug, deep within her. The unique shape still allows him to fit alongside comfortably.

The Lovers' Dream - how it fits
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Once in position, the Lovers’ Dream will remain in place, creating a more natural ‘hands-free’ and thrilling adventure for both partners. The Lovers’ Dream will make her tighter and shallower for him, and for her; he will be thicker and longer, with the addition of 3 vibrations, we expect great things to happen for couples.

The Stimulation

The Lovers’ Dream provides variable vibrations in 3 erotic zones – the clitoris, the g-spot and extra stimulation deep inside.

The Lovers Dream sex toy for couples
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The specially shaped bullet tip can be placed either on the clitoral area or in the anal position, and the bulb is designed to keep the product in, and massage him at the same time. Lovers’ Dream delivers out of this world stimulation for both partners simultaneously and that is the key to the Lovers’ Dream, it is a genuine lovers product for couples to use together to create more intimacy and a deeper connection ….

However, if so desired, the Lovers’ Dream is perfect for solo play. There is truly nothing else like the Lovers’ Dream.

“We now need to fund the first production run of 5000 units at the Factory and have these packaged and ready for global distribution and sale.”

“From the inception of this idea, it’s been a taboo”, statesLawrence Mark. “My associates, most of my friends and some of my family do not even want to discuss it because of the nature of this business of sex.”

“I am reaching out to all of you to please be part of this amazing journey by helping me fund the first production run.”

“We estimate we require at least US$75,000 to fund production, packaging, freight and warehousing plus the entire sales process including trade show and booth costs, travel, accommodation and sales staff.”

“Any support that you choose to give me would be greatly appreciated. Please share in my Dream to bring joy, heightened excitement, increasing pleasure and closer bonds to couples all over the world.”

All money raised will go toward funding production and getting the Lovers’ Dream into the hands of loving couples world wide.

Why no donate to The Lovers’ Dream project on Indiegogo here