Porn star Nikki Benz to run against Rob Ford in Toronto mayoral elections, and pledged to make National Masturbation Day an event.

Canadian porn star Nikki Benz has formally announced her plans to run against scandal-ridden Toronto mayor Rob Ford in the October mayoral elections.

Nikki Benz, a veteran of 217 adult films, has been voted as having “Best Tease Performance” (2006), “Best Three-way Sex Scene (2008) and “Best All-Girl Three-way Sex Scene” (2010). She is now hoping she can win one more title: Toronto Mayor.

Nikki Benz and Rob Ford
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Mr Ford has been in rehab since the beginning of May after another video of him allegedly smoking crack cocaine was released, alongside an additional audio clip reportedly featuring the embattled Canadian politician making racist, sexist and homophobic comments.

Ms Benz, who has appeared in 217 adult films, is expected to try and register as the 55th candidate for the race this week after an unsuccessful attempt on Wednesday when her driver’s license was not accepted as the correct ID by officials.

The 32-year-old former Penthouse “Pet of the Year” hasn’t yet officially registered as a candidate, but when she does, she will be the city’s 55th mayoral candidate for the Oct. 27 election. Others include an indie rock singer, a lawyer and a clown.

Ms Benz promises to “bring the adult film industry to Toronto” should she be elected because it would “bring a lot of profit to the city”. “If Rob Ford can do it, I can do it,” she told the Toronto Sun.

While Ford has claimed that “rehab has been amazing”, and that he’s “planning to kick some serious butt on his return”, Benz seems focused, determined and is far better looking. Watch this weird space.

The Double-D dynamo, who has appeared in over 200 adult films, announced her candidacy against the crack-smoking, liquor-loving Ford on Wednesday. Benz, whose prior work includes starring in ‘Strap on Sally’ and ‘Meet the F—–s 6’ has pledged to cut taxes and bring the porn industry to Toronto.

The Double-D dynamo has already attracted a healthy amount of attention to her campaign with some eye-grabbing slogans posted to her Twitter account, along with some barely-safe-for-work photos.

Nikki Benz
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About Nikki Benz

Born in the Ukraine but raised in Toronto, Canada, Nikki Benz was a top figure and calendar model before becoming an exotic dancer.

She had always had an interest in the adult-film industry, and one day just decided to give it a try. She made her first adult film in 2002, liked it, and has stayed in the business ever since.