PULSE with PulsePlate technology is a revolutionary male stimulator and a pioneering couple’s toy.

UK-based pleasure products innovator Hot Octopuss announces its luxury “guybrator,” PULSE, is nominated for Best New Male Product for the upcoming Erotic Trade Only (ETO) Awards.

The 10th Annual ETO Awards Dinner, part of the ETO Show, will be held on June 22 at the Concourse Suite at the NEC Pavilion in Birmingham, UK. The ETO Show will be held at the NEC Pavilion June 22-23.

Founded on medical research and patented across the world, PULSE is one of the most powerful and effective stimulators ever created. Harnessing state-of-the-art oscillating technology, PULSE creates an entirely new category in male and couples vibrators compared with traditional vibrations.

Co-creator of PULSE and Hot Octopuss CEO Adam Lewis says, “We’re incredibly honored to have been recognized our industry colleagues for the ETO Awards. It’s amazing to receive such recognition in our own home base here in the UK.”

Lewis adds, “We’re extremely proud of PULSE. We’re particularly proud to offer a genuinely new and innovative design-led product, which gives the man the most intense orgasms! Men are indeed seeking new and exciting ways to reach orgasm, and PULSE delivers on that promise.”

The US adult novelty market was first introduced to the state-of-the-art sex toy at ILS last fall, and continues to receive high praise from industry colleagues and reviewers alike, resulting in over 10,000 units sold around the world in the first six months since PULSE’s launch. The innovative “guybrator” also was honored with a 2014 XBIZ Award for Couples Sex Toy of the Year.

At the heart of PULSE lies the cutting edge PulsePlate™, delivering a far more intense experience than vibrators through deep and powerful oscillations. Innovatively designed to also be a fantastic couple’s toy, the underside delivers dual-stimulation, whilst its hands-free design leaves partners free to focus on each other. Not only is the technology impressive, the British-founded PULSE is as beautiful as it is effective.

Working with an award-winning London design agency, PULSE is sleek, discrete and stylish in comparison to most male toys on the market.

Bustle.com called PULSE a “cock ring on steroids,” and TLARaw commented on the product’s superior orgasm-inducing powers: “Holy f*ck, this thing is awesome… this one’s about to trump [all other male masturbators] and become my number one sex toy. There are days when I get to have some fun and stick my d*ck inside something really, truly special. It’s seriously like the Lexus of vibrating men’s toys. It’s a luxury toy.

And it’s worth every f*cking penny.” Tom Gualtieri of TheWeeklings.com professed his love and devotion for the product, claiming “I’m never leaving my apartment…I loved it. I caressed it. I brought it to City Hall for a marriage license.”

Worn by him but enjoyed by both, PULSE is the first sex toy on the market that is designed to be both a revolutionary male stimulator and a pioneering couple’s toy to be used during foreplay. For more information, visit www.hotoctopuss.com or follow PULSE on Twitter at http://Twitter.com/PleasurePulse and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/PleasurePulse.

About Hot Octopuss:

Back in the early nineties, two London teenagers met through live music, mutual friends and a healthy addiction to fun in all its beautiful guises. Fifteen years later and still best friends, Julia and Adam shared an idea that would eventually revolutionize the way sex toys are perceived, and created Hot Octopuss. Sitting at the cutting edge of sex toy design, Hot Octopuss creates next generation toys for men, women and couples, designed to fit in with people’s lifestyles, not just their bedrooms.

For more information, visit www.hotoctopuss.com or follow PULSE on Twitter at http://Twitter.com/PleasurePulse

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