Preaching to the Perverted is simply the greatest film ever made with a BDSM theme.

Fans worldwide have been asking for sequel for years and it’s on the way.

The Director, Stuart Urban, has recently had massive success with his ITV drama “The Secret”, starring James Nesbitt and now it’s all systems go for “Tortured in the Orchard”.

Tortured in the Orchard carries on the theme from Preaching to the Perverted. Fans of the first movie will be excited that original stars Guinevere Turner (Tanya), Christien Anholt (Peter) and Julie Graham (Eugenie) are all up to reprise their characters, some two decades on down life’s journey. Ricky Tomlinson of “The Royle Family”, is also up to return as horrible hack “Fibbin’ Gibbons”.

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Tortured in the Orchard
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From The first step in the production of Tortured in the Orchard is the graphic novel, illustrated by long time collaborator and “Preaching” scoreboard artist Mick Harrison. Stuart has already written the storyline and the pervery is already under way.

Join the campaign to develop the sequel to Preaching to the Perverted by pledging to support the kickstarter campaign. Every pledge helps – even the smallest. There are some really cool rewards. I have just pledged  – do join me and become a part of fetish film history.

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This is the NEW DVD version of the best fetish movie every made. It’s re-mastered in high definition and it has lots of extras. There’s a new documentary called “Re-Immerse in the Perverse”,with commentary by Suart Urban, Julie Graham and Spankalicious.

Every fetish person should have this in their collection. A lavish, big budget movie, directed by double British Academy Award winner Stuart Urban (Our Friends in the North, Revelation, May I Kill U?) and starring lesbian icon Guinevere Turner (Go Fish, American Psycho), the story concerns a moral crusader who sends an impressionable young lad undercover to infiltrate the secret London underworld of corrupt BDSM sexual practices.

Our poor hero falls under the spell of the charismatic fetish sex goddess at the heart of the scene and we go with him on his wild ride through underground clubs and British society’s perverted ruling elite. There’s humour, politics and loads of fetish sex, all filmed with the co-operation of London’s fetish insiders. (You can tell.)

The cast is really special, including… Tom Bell (Prime Suspect, Wish You Were Here), Julie Graham (William & Mary, Nuns on the Run), Georgina Hale (Mahler, Doctor Who), Ricky Tomlinson (Cracker, The Royle Family), Roger Lloyd Pack (Only Fools & Horses, Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire), Keith Allen (Robin Hood and yes, he’s Lily’s dad), Sue Johnston OBE (Waking the Dead, The Royle Family).

There are very few really good fetish/BDSM DVDs – the sort you’d really want to own. KFS Media are tracking down a few and we will add them to this section only if they are something we can really recommend for your collection.

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