Cover Girl Samantha Bentley talks Game of Thrones in Men Only magazine.

UK porn sensation Samantha Bentley is showcased on the cover of the latest issue of Men Only magazine.

Samantha Bentley on cover of Men Only magazine
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Samantha Bentley interviews with Men Only magazine about her upcoming role in Game of Thrones

Inside Bentley is featured in an exclusive seven page pictorial with accompanying interview.

Bentley, who appeared in season four of Game of Thrones, made her return to the hit show during the latest episode to air on Sky Atlantic on Monday night.

Reprising her role as a prostitute Bentley could be seen acting alongside Golden globe winner Peter Dinklage, who plays Tyrion Lannister.

Despite appearing on screen alongside one of the shows most popular characters it was Bentley’s infamous bum that stole the show during episode three with it completely on display in a revealing split dress.

“It’s easy to see why we chose a bum shot for Samantha’s debut Men Only cover” said Mark Hassell, head of sales and marketing at Paul Raymond publishers. “Her bum is famous!”

Bentley will continue to appear throughout further episodes during Season five however she has yet to reveal if she will return as the same character or add another to her resumé.

Samantha Bentley speaks exclusively to Men Only

Speaking exclusively to Men Only Bentley discusses what it’s like being on the inside of one of the biggest television shows ever and reveals how she went from top UK porn star to landing a mainstream role.

“As any avid watcher of the series will know both sex and nudity play a large part in the show, so I think it’s only natural for the casting directors to hand out the smaller parts to those comfortable being naked.” explained Bentley.

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“My original audition was for season three, the part of a contortionist. I didn’t get it however, but they kept me on their books and called me back for the bath house scene in season four.” Bentley continues.

Volume 80.05 of Men Only goes on sale in adult news retailers from today, 1st May 2015, and contains the rest of the in depth interview and accompanying explicit pictorial.

The issue is also available to be purchased digitally from

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