Sex Party President Fiona Patten will run for a seat in Australia’s senate in the 2013 election, she disclosed to XBIZ this week.

Patten, who leads Australia’s Eros Association, the nation’s adult retail and entertainment group, last ran for a seat in the Senate in 2010 but couldn’t pull off a victory and trailed by only a few thousand votes.

“If successful in becoming a senator, this push would not only give our industry a political voice in Australia but also in some international forums,” Patten told XBIZ.

Sex Party’s Fiona Patten to Run for Senate in AustraliaSex Party’s Fiona Patten to Run for Senate in AustraliaSex Party’s Fiona Patten to Run for Senate in Australia
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Sex Party Fiona Patten to run for Senate

After the party’s first federal election contest in 2010, Patten claimed that the Sex Party was “now the major minor party in Australian politics.”

Patten’s run for office comes at a time when the adult entertainment and retail industries in Australia are on a steady climb, she said.

“We have an increasingly cohesive and mature industry that is nimble and able to meet the changing needs and desires of its customers,” she said.

“Our dollar looks like staying very strong, which is bad for Australian business but great for international sites looking to attract a customer with a spare dollar in their pocket.”

As for national policy, Patten noted that while the government has pretty much shelved its “idiotic” ISP-based Internet filter policy, the online adult industry should stay vigilant.

“Other countries around the world are looking at options to ‘protect the children’ and submit to the wishes of fundamental feminism and religion,” she said.

“For the first time we are seeing debate about Internet content in the U.N. Most countries do not have the protection of a First Amendment.”

Australia’s federal election is slated for late November.

About Fiona Patten

A resident of Carlton North, Fiona Patten is the Australian Sex Party Candidate for the Melbourne By-Election on July 21st 2012.
She has worked in politics as a lobbyist for over 20 years and understands just how frustrating government and the ‘system’ can be.

Fiona is an experienced advocate and believes in people’s basic freedoms, rights and responsibilities. She’s had enough of the current style of politics. Have you? Vote 1 Fiona Patten for Melbourne on July 21st.

Fiona Patten for the Australian Sex Party – There is a Better Way!

• Move Police Resources – to focus on violent crime and domestic violence
• Transport – 24hr weekend public transport in the city
• Drug Law Reform – treat drugs as a health issue not a criminal one
• Health – protect access to community, reproductive and sexual health centres
• Education – better career planning and secular counselling in public schools – including more sex, relationship and health education
• Social Freedom – promoting safe social opportunities for the young and old 24/7
• Discrimination Laws – to protect your job
• Jobs – more help for small business including tax breaks
• Dying With Dignity – go when you choose, not when a politician does
• Keep Religion Out Of Politics!