It all started with Skin Two North, six years ago. Now, we have got together under our new KFS name for our sixth year in Leeds.

Our venue is VOX, as before. There will be a dungeon by Nemesis and a daytime fetish fair.

Skin Two North tickets are on sale now here or just click on the photo.

The daytime fetish market runs from 11 am to 4pm, then the party is from 9 pm to 3am. Leeds, Saturday 12th July.

Fetish Market: 11am – 4pm.

Entry £2, or FREE if you show your ticket to the main party!

Vintage tea room by Pair of Peas. Traders already booked include… Alternative Footwear, Arcanum Accessories, Cathouse Clothing, Floggermeister, Freak Clubwear, Heresy n Heelz, Kinky Monkey, Ky Wheeler, Lady Sea, Latex 101, Leather Delights, Miss Needles (Hair Falls), Nightshades Clothing, Roys Holistic Therapies, Simply Pleasure, The Klinik, Victoria Regina, Yummy Gummy Latex.

Skin Two North
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Party: 9pm – 3 am Two rooms

One for performances and DJs, one for dungeon and chillout. Dungeon by Nemesis – the best!

Two fashion performances in the main room, with great live acts…

Headline act – Vivid Angel. Also starring – Lolita Laytex. Cathouse fashion performance in the main stage room. On the second stage – Fleur du Mal, Lily Nero and Cloud Aerial Arts.

Strict fetish dress code – if the ticket holder is not in fetish dress, door staff will refuse entry. No under 18s. No cameras without photo pass !

DJs: Paul Domaster, Steve W and Tommi K Lewis. Tickets on sale now £20 from –

Fetlife group:
Fetlife events:

Bisexual and bi-curious – Thursday 19th June

Chardmore Society Bisexual and bi-curious
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This is a friendly party for bisexual and bi-curious people, at a roomy old house in South London, with a chill out area, a dungeon (of course) and playrooms. You can be as rude as you like, but there’s never any pressure – always a relaxed and easy-going atmosphere.

The party is on Thursday 19th June from 3pm until 10pm. No alcohol is sold, so please feel free to bring your own booze. If you are bi or bi-curious, we are the crowd for you.

Tickets are £15 per single woman or TV, £25 per couple (m/f, m/m or f/f), or £50 per single guy (+ booking fee) from Chardmore Society.

Entry on the door is £20 per single woman or TV, £35 per couple (m/f, m/m or f/f), or £60 per single guy. Click on the photo to visit the website.

The Pleasure’s All Mine, by Dr Julie Peakman

This is a super new book from Dr Julie Peakman, historian, author and broadcaster, charting the history of perverse sex through the ages and exploring the weird and hilarious way that certain behaviour is regarded as ‘deviant’ in one time and place – yet perfectly fine in another.

From the specialised cultures of pain, necrophilia and bestiality to the social world of plushies and furries, and lovers of life-sized sex dolls, some previously acceptable behaviour now provokes social outrage, while activities as diverse as sodomy and wife-swapping have moved on the spectrum of acceptance from sin to harmless fun.

You must read this! It’s a quality hardback, 464 pages, and 180 illustrations. Highly informative and rather fun. Shipped anywhere in the world.

Click on the cover or go here to see more and order.

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