Two months after reaching its crowdfunding goal on, couples vibrator Slaphappy is now available on its own e-commerce website,

Slaphappy follows inventor Brian Sloan’s successful launch of his blowjob machine, the Autoblow 2.

Slaphappy vibrator
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Slaphappy is a 6.5 inch-long bendable waterproof clitoral and G-spot vibrator made of silicone.

Because it’s flat, it can also be used as a spanking implement. Slaphappy runs on two AAA batteries, is virtually silent, and retails for $49.95.

A cartoon video shows Slaphappy’s finer points.

Buzzfeed was one of the first news outlets to introduce consumers to Slaphappy, and it featured Slaphappy’s infomercial style pitch video.

Refinery29 noted that “with its ability to transition smoothly from a solo vibe to a couples’ toy to a hand-saving makeshift whip, you’ll get more than your money’s worth.”

6 things you should know about Slaphappy

Super Quiet
Slaphappy is virtually silent. Never ruin the moment again with a loud buzzing sound.
Slaphappy really is the Swiss Army Knife of vibrators. It bends to become any shape you want.
Many vibrators claim to be water proof but aren’t. We guarantee Slaphappy will continue getting the work done – even when wet.
Slaphappy is silicone – the safest material for your body. Don’t settle for anything less.
Great for women
Slaphappy will be your new favorite clitoral and g-spot vibrator. It’s as flexible as you are.
Great for couples
Guys can use Slaphappy to stimulate her clitoris during sex. Its flat design ensures it is unobtrusive.

Betabeat praised Sloan’s “innovative idea to make a vibrator with as many different shapes and features as possible.”

Don’t Just Be Happy, Be Slaphappy! from Letsgasm! on Vimeo.

As the enthusiastic Brian Sloan (maker of the Autoblow 2, Mangasm, and Ladygasm adult-toy lines) explains in the video above, the Slaphappy is one of the most versatile and convenient sex toys around — especially if you prefer for your vibrator to double as a spanking instrument. Nothing like lugging around an additional paddle to make your lovemaking feel dull.

After successfully crowdfunding the Autoblow 2 blowjob robot on, we decided to make something for the ladies because we like the ladies.

“After launching the Autoblow 2 for men, I wanted to make something for women, because I like women. If I had a vagina, I wouldn’t really enjoy the fact that I had to buy 10 different vibrators to get the job done.

So I made something that rolled the functionality of a drawer full of vibrators into one small toy,” said Sloan.

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