Stand and Deliver: X Standing Sex Positions

Published: FEBRUARY 1, 2024

| Updated: FEBRUARY 3, 2024 02:19:39

Experts say we need to spend less time sitting. So here are 5 super-hot standing sex positions to help you make use of those feet of yours.

Don’t have a bed handy? Not a chair in sight? Table not strong enough? The pool is being cleaned? Your favorite piece of dungeon furniture needing a good polish?

Oh, let’s not be silly: sure, having sex standing up is a great option for all kinds of situations, but best of all, it can be a lot (and we mean a lot) of fun all on it’s own!

So, without further ado, here’s our guide to the positions, as well as what to watch out for, when having sex on your own two feet!

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A Quick Word of Warning

Let’s get this out of the way before getting to the fun part: there are some pretty important safety things to keep in mind when you want to play standing up.

The good news is that these aren’t “OMG disaster!” accidents, but rather, “important things to keep in mind.”

The first, and biggest, is kind of a no-brainer: when you’re fooling around standing up your balance can sometimes be hard to maintain. Especially considering that your mind will be focused on other—much sexier—things.

Plus, when you and your partner are finished, your legs can get real wobbly.

Because of this, try to be aware of your surroundings! In particular, avoid unforgiving furniture with sharp edges, brutally hard floors, dangerously close glass doors and tabletops, and stuff-like-that-there.

If any of these are present where you’ll be fooling around, then a little protection should be in order: blankets, pillows, chair cushions, and such, are perfect. In fact, even if there aren’t any obvious environmental risks a bit of precaution is still in order—even if it’s just putting a few soft things on the floor.

All of this is true even if you’re using a wall for leverage as there will always be a risk of someone dramatically collapsing afterward.

With that out of the way, let’s begin with the first, and the simplest, standing sex position: all hands on deck.

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Mutual Masturbation

Alright, that “all hands on deck” line was (at best) way too silly, but the idea is still sound; a fantastic way to try out vertical sex is to begin by playing around with some mutual masturbation.

The big benefit of this is that it’s a perfect way to try out your balancing skills before trying something a bit more elaborate. An even bigger benefit is that jacking and/or jilling off with someone can be majorly arousing.

The how really depends on what you are your partner are up to trying. Options include self-masturbation with a partner either watching or helping out with kissing, breast play, buttock kneading, massaging, and/or caressing—or you both can self-pleasure at the same time.

You can also masturbate each other, which can be extra-arousing when both your excitement levels match up. Fun and even more fun!

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Putting Your Mouth to Work

The next position to try is (and pretty obvious considering the name of this section) oral with one person kneeling in front of the other (giving) and one person standing (receiving).

diagram of middle stump oral sex position

For those with vaginas on the receiving end, this can occasionally be a bit tricky, what with the balancing thing and all. Because of this, it’s recommended that if it is challenging to maintain a freestanding position, try leaning up against a wall instead.

Besides that way when the coming comes, you can just slide down the wall rather than collapse into a heap on the floor.

Another nice thing about this position is that the giving person can also please themselves at the same time. Add to this that either party can utilize a variety of sex toys, and you have the recipe for a gloriously exciting vertical sex scene.

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The Leaning Penetration

If partner penetration is your favorite, then this position is well work a try!

Here, one partner leans against a wall or a similar surface while their partner enters them. Usually from behind but if the parties involved are limber and pretty damned strong, then it can be done face to face as well.

The trick here is in finding the right angle, which more often than not depends on the sex play involved (vaginal, anal, or such) as well as the body-types and/or physical limitations of everyone involved.

Sometimes this can be both people standing pretty much straight up, but for others, it might require different angles to make it comfortable.


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