Digital Playground superstar Stoya voices anger, and describes gory scenario to make an example of former scene partner.

During her appearance on the Velvet Radio adult podcast ( Stoya was asked about her feelings on Mr. Marcus, the male performer at the center of the porn industry’s recent STD scandal.

Living up to her reputation for being a lady who speaks her mind, Stoya pulled no punches when expressing her thoughts on the subject.

Digital Playground Porn Star Stoya
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Stoya has been a Digital Playground contract star since 2007

“In the straight portion of the adult industry, most of us don’t use condoms. We have this faith in our testing system, and this faith in each other not to fake tests…He (Mr. Marcus) violated that trust, and then he tried to defend it…he doesn’t seem that apologetic.”

“I will never be working with Mr. Marcus again,” Stoya continued, “unless he really seems like he has grown as a person, and is expressing actual regret. I don’t think he should ever work in adult again.”

From there Stoya considered aloud about an imagined scenario that would make an example of Mr. Marcus, and send a message to the entire industry.

And should anything unfortunate happen to him and he no longer be living, I think his head should be displayed in a biohazard bag outside of CET (testing service).

So when people come in and they’re new to the industry, they can go –  ‘What’s that thing that looks like a head in that biohazard bag?’ And they can (answer)– ‘Well, that’s the head of the last man who faked a test.’”

At the end of the interview Stoya wanted to make it clear that her words were not to be mistaken as a threat, or an insinuation for herself or anyone to commit a harmful or criminal act.

For the record, I’m not suggesting that anything unfortunate should happen to Mr. Marcus. But if something should happen and we have the opportunity to make a visual example…

In a 2010 interview with Video World TV, Stoya talked about her desire to one day shoot a scene with Mr. Marcus. In 2011 the wish came true as Stoya and Marcus shared what was billed as her first interracial scene in the Digital Playground release, Bad Girls 6.

It was this history that prompted Velvet Radio hosts– Justine Llanes, Tamara Thelander and Elena De Luca to ask Stoya about Mr. Marcus and the STD scandal.

The entire Velvet Radio in-studio interview with Stoya can be heard for free anytime at

Velvet Radio is a bi-weekly, dirty podcast featuring mainstream celebrity and porn star interviews, as well as a bizarre newscast, XXX game show segments and more.

Stoya’s Profile

Digital Playground Porn Star Stoya
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Digital Playground Porn Star Stoya. Photo courtesy of

Stoya is original, outrageous, and all-natural. A carefree spirit that loves being the center of attention, she embodies a fun, friendly persona that fits seamlessly with Digital Playground’s esteemed roster of contract stars.

With striking dark features and porcelain skin, this tall and slender beauty has the ability to radiate a multitude of looks that can be sophisticated, romantic, sexy, and playfully cute. The only thing more erotic and intriguing than Stoya’s appearance is her mind.

After a brief stint in Hollywood, California, Stoya moved back to East Coast skyscrapers, preferring the brash, concrete reality of the East, to the 24/7 sand and glam of the West Coast. The move perfectly epitomizes Stoya”s personality and appreciation for mechanized modernity.

Not afraid to be unique, Stoya is completely uncompromising in her life and work. The luminescent Stoya is a 22-year-old Gemini who is 5’7″ and weighs 115 lbs.