Pornhub, the premiere online destination for adult entertainment, today announced the launch of its Adult Adult Coloring Book.

The Pornhub Adult Adult Coloring Book features a compilation of explicit sketches by renowned artists Alpha Channeling, Apollonia St-Clair and Arrington De Dionyso, among others.

The project also features drawings inspired by scenes from notable studios like Brazzers, Reality Kings, Twistys and even Digital Playground’s infamous ‘Pirates’ film, which have been specially rendered to suit the coloring book medium.

Pornhub’s Adult Adult Coloring Book! Inside you’ll find work from acclaimed artists Alpha Channeling, Apollonia St-Clair, Arrington De Dionyso and many more.

We’ve also included line renderings from some of our favorite prolific porn scenes, all carefully curated with a creative adult audience in mind.

Exploring themes of sex, body, queerness, gender fluidity and erotic expression, our book invites artists and amateurs alike to color both in and outside of the lines.

Format: Soft laminate cover with gold leaf accent & embossing.
Paper: Heavy stock for optimum coloring experience.
Dimensions: 35 pages, 8 x 10 x 0.5 in.

Pre-order your copy today. Expected ship date is December 9.

“We have been longtime fans of the artists chosen and we approached them about commissioning/licensing the work,” Corey Price, Vice President of Pornhub, tells Bustle.

“We envision the coloring book to be used much in the same way that people use the site — adult entertainment and release.” And it’s definitely entertaining.”

The Pornhub "Adult Adult Coloring Book"
Pornhub “Adult Adult Coloring Book”
Pornhub “Adult Adult Coloring Book”
Pornhub “Adult Adult Coloring Book”

You can buy it online, but if you’re in NYC check out the Housing Works Bookstore Café in NYC. Proceeds from the books sold at this location will be donated to Housing Works, a community of people living with and affected by HIV and AIDS.

“Adult coloring books have really blown up the last year. We really wanted to put our own twist on them for our fans to enjoy this Christmas.”

About Pornhub:

Founded in 2007, Pornhub is the leading free, ad-supported adult video streaming website, offering viewers the opportunity to upload and share their own videos. With over 3 million videos and over 60 million visitors a day, Pornhub truly is the best adult site in the world. Pornhub has built the largest dedicated membership base in the adult community, with over 4 million engaged and loyal members, offering viewers a fun and sophisticated social experience directly in site, complete with messaging, photos, achievement badges and much more.

Pornhub’s coloring book is sure to hit the top of fans’ Christmas lists.

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