Arc at this: a unique new sex toy aid, available exclusively at UberKinky, promises to help hundreds get stuck in!

Monday 27 April marks the launch of brand new and innovative item, the LoveArc, available exclusively at UberKinky.

Facilitating the use of suction cup sex toys in imaginative new ways, the LoveArc is a simple, yet incredibly effective means of experiencing orgasmic hands-free penetration, alone or with a playmate.

The Arc sex toy, available exclusively at UberKinky Finding just the right balance of beauty and durability, the minimalistic yet aesthetic design consists of a long handle for stability, a short handle for balance, and a long flat arch in between for attaching suction cup sex toys. The angle and position of the toys can be adjusted dependent upon the desired sensations.

Incredibly versatile, the device can be used in one of two ways; by riding or by rocking. The first implies a straddling position over the attached toy. This requires both handles to be flat on the ground and the arch facing upwards in a rounded position. The second involves turning the LoveArc over, so that both handles are up in the air. By moving the long handle up and down, it is possible to replicate a thrusting movement and stimulate from behind.


Made in the UK, not only does the LoveArc boast supreme quality and intricate attention to detail, it is crafted using 100% aluminium. Additionally, despite its kinky use, it has been specifically developed as an unobtrusive and discreet piece of equipment.

For so many, the LoveArc is a welcome solution to finding the optimum surface for their suction cup sex toys. It can be incredibly difficult to identify a discreet and comfortable space, with a suitable area, that offers the correct angle and position. With the LoveArc this is a thing of the past.

[column size=”1/2″]Ride the LoveArc sex toy[/column]
[column size=”1/2″]The LoveArc sx toy being used from behind[/column]

Well renowned sex blogger, Cara Sutra, tested out the product and had this to say; “It’s a product which doesn’t immediately scream sex, so you could even leave it about your bedroom or in a hallway (where it won’t be tripped over) without visitors passing comment.”

“The Love Arc has a smooth finish and although it seems a simple idea, the simplest ideas are often the most ingenious. If you love using suction cup sex toys and have been struggling to find places to use them then you’ll love the Love Arc. Give the side of your bath a rest and get yourself some proper kit.”

[column size=”1/2”]The LoveArc double dildo sex toy[/column]
[column size=”1/2″]The LoveArc for attaching suction cup sex toys[/column]

Vikki Scott, brand manager at UberKinky, adds, “We are thrilled to welcome the LoveArc exclusively into the UberKinky family. We definitely see a lot of potential in this great product and I’m sure our very inventive customers will soon be sharing with us the innovative new ways they’ve used their LoveArc.”

About UberKinky

UberKinky is the UK’s leading supplier of bondage gear, fetish wear and sex toys.

UberKinky logoWith over 26 years of experience within the industry, managing director, Stephanie Taylor has developed and perfected the range to cater to every raunchy requirement. Consistently sourcing new and unique products to compliment its range, UberKinky has a committed and dedicated team of staff that have a fantastic reputation for superior service. Trusted by more than 500,000 customers worldwide, they pride themselves on excellent customer care and quick, discreet delivery.

The LoveArc is available from UberKinky, priced at £169.99

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