Sex toys allowed, but no parts for nuclear weapons.

3D printing is both really cool and oftentimes quite expensive, which is why companies like UPS offer 3D printing services to anyone with a compatible design file and the cash to pay for it.

Select UPS Store locations began offering the service several months ago and recently expanded its reach to a further 100 stores.

UPS has fully embraced 3D Printing at many of its UPS Store locations, but that doesn’t mean the company will allow customers to print anything they want.

Sure toys for your kids, prototypes for your own products, and various other 3D printing projects are allowed, but the company has drawn a line in the sand at what is considered acceptable and safe for 3d printing.

Want to print a nuclear device to wreak political anarchy? Sorry but UPS has a strict policy against printing any type of parts for a nuclear or biological weapon.

UPS 3D Printing: Sex Toys Allowed, But No Parts For Nuclear Weapons
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The team at The Daily Dot recently spoke with a UPS Store representative who gave them the lowdown on what can and can not be printed at UPS Stores. More than 100 UPS stores now offer 3D printing, but only under the right conditions.

Buyers are also restricted from 3D printing “Anything intended to be used directly or indirectly for missile or rocket systems activities or end-uses, including design, development, production, testing or use of rocket systems (including ballistic missile systems, space launch vehicles and sounding rockets) or unmanned air vehicles (including cruise missile systems, target drones, and reconnaissance drones.”

One item that is not restricted? Sex toys.

According to UPS, they are perfectly fine with the printing of adult toys, however, an individual franchise owner could choose to restrict those items if they choose. Ultimately, customers should call their local UPS Store and ask if they will 3D Print your favorite fulfilling design.

However, we were also told that each individual UPS Store owner could potentially place a ban on specific items, and if an item isn’t on the prohibited list, it’s ultimately up to each store owner on a case-by-case basis. It seems if you want that 3D-printed sex toy of your dreams you’ll have to venture in to a UPS Store and test your luck—as well as the open-mindedness of its employees.