Meet your vagina’s new BFF – the Jade Egg.

Ladies, it’s time we had a frank conversation about our “lady parts.”

Every day, we P90X or Pilates our body, meticulously moisturise our face, and give our nails the mani-pedi princess treatment, all to look and feel healthy, vibrant, and sexy.

Meanwhile, we completely ignore the health of the one part of our body that’s essential to our sexual enjoyment — the vagina.

If caring for your pelvic floor (the under-appreciated purveyor of pleasure) is even a concept currently on your radar, you’ve likely been told to do clinical-sounding kegels. However, research indicates that 30 to 50 percent of women perform kegel exercises incorrectly and, even when done correctly, kegels alone won’t properly tone the pelvic region.

The small Jade Egg
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But never fear! The small but mighty Jade Egg (your vagina’s new BFF) is here, bringing with it a spectrum of sensual pelvic floor exercises known as the ancient art of vaginal kung fu — or, vaginal weight lifting.

So, what is it, you ask? What do you do with it? And is vaginal kung fu for you?

It’s time to get acquainted with the little egg made of jade (yes, the stone) that’s putting a pleasurable new twist on the age-old concept of getting laid.

The Jade Egg serves as a tool to cultivate sexual energy, to maintain or create healthy sexual organs, and to enhance your love life with your Self and with your partner.

This powerful practice originated in ancient China. Ancient China had an immense interest in the relationship between sex, health and longevity. The earliest known sexology texts stem from China.

FINALLY, the sex you have always wanted and didn’t know how to achieve can be yours to share.

Their main theme being that youthfulness, health and longevity can be attained during blissful hours in the bedchamber.

The Jade Egg practice is deeply healing

For most women, sacredness and heart-connection during sex and in relationships is very important. The Jade Egg practice is a heart-centred practice. It transforms the relationship we have with ourselves and our sexuality.

The Jade Egg practice is a beautiful tool that enables women to connect with their sensual and sexual selves. Through the practices women integrate all aspects of themselves including their sexual selves.

The Jade Egg practice connects us with our feminine / yin essence

With the Jade Egg practice, we reclaim our feminine strength and connect with our Yin essence. The qualities of Yin are deep, soft, gentle, relaxed, receptive, nourishing and healing.

The Jade Egg practice enhances sexual pleasure

The Jade Egg practice greatly enhances  – for both partners. It is well documented that there is a definite correlation between a good tone of the pelvic floor muscles and the intensity of orgasm.

Visit YourTango for more information on the Jade Egg.

Jade Eggs are a tool, used properly you might start to feel the benefits within 3 weeks.

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