Looking a little worse for wear but thankful, happy, and ready to have sex, Ron Jeremy recounted his complicated surgery and recovery in a video for TMZ.

With Bunny Ranch chief Dennis Hof and Ron Jeremy’s blonde “Michigan cheeleader” significant other in tow, Ron Jeremy said he feels great but will be uncomfortable for a few months.

Ron Jeremy called his surgeon a genius for performing one of the hardest operations possible — an aortic dissection – a procedure even more complicated than a bypass or aneurysm.

Porn star Ron Jeremy in hospital
Asked if had sex since his release from the hospital, Jeremy pointed to his girlfriend and said that the clinic told him if he could walk up two flights of stairs, he could have sex.

True to form, Jeremy said, “I walked up two flights of stairs and three additional stairs just to overly buffer it.”

Will he continue to do porn? He quipped, “…at the Bunny Ranch.”

Ron Jeremy recounted his complicated surgery and recovery

Porn’s everyman even managed to comment on required condom use in porn in Los Angeles County, saying that it’s still OK to be bareback in outlying areas.

Ron says his aneurysm — located near his heart — was caused by his weight and high blood pressure … and if he waited any longer than he did to see a doctor, he’d be dead.

Ron Jeremy says several hospital employees have already asked for his autograph

After undergoing multiple surgeries for a heart aneurysm last month, the 59-year-old porn legend is making a miraculous recovery … and even took a photo with a nurse while giving the ol’ thumbs up.

It’s pretty incredible considering Ron’s situation was so bad, he was put in the intensive care unit at L.A.’s Cedars-Sinai hospital.
But now, Ron’s rep tells us the porn giant is “alert and awake and in his own room on the road to recovery.”

In fact, The Hedgehog was able to muster up a statement of his own … telling TMZ, “Thank you ALL for the concern & well wishes, I’m doing very well thanks to modern technology!”.

Long live Ron Jeremy!

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