Data that shows which countries across Europe search for sex toys more (and less) than any other.

Using total searches per 1000 internet users per year, and a comprehensive list of completely translated sex toy keywords and purchasing patterns – and the insights are pretty intriguing.

Lovers living in Sweden and Denmark should have had a fun Valentine’s Day – as a new study has revealed that they’re shopping for sex toys more than any other country across Europe, narrowly ahead of the UK.

New research into the online habits of European shoppers has shown that the Danish search for sex toys more often than any other country ­118 times per 1000 internet users per year­ followed closely by Sweden, the UK, the Netherlands and Russia.

The research was conducted by vouchercloud, using a sample of 18 of Lovehoney’s best­selling and most popular products and product ­ranges ­ including everything from ‘dildos’ to ‘jiggle balls’ – to reveal just how often each country’s internet users searched for some of the most popular sex toys online.

118 of these sex­ toy­ searches are seen for every 1000 internet users each year in Denmark ­ more than one search for every ten residents – with Sweden (115), the UK (96), the Netherlands (88) and Russia (87) rounding out the European top 5.

The award for least lust ­filled nation goes to Azerbaijan, with just 10 sex ­toy ­searches per 1000 people. Albania (15), Andorra (15), Liechtenstein (21) and Georgia (25) round out the bottom 5.

European sex toy league table – Top 20

There are also some surprising omissions from the upper echelons of the sex toy league table – France, the notorious country of love, only reached 12th in the European listings with 74 annual searches, while Germany (65) lies even further back in 18th. Considering the UK’s dominant position, Ireland lying in 16th (71) may also be a touch disappointing for our less­ than ­lustful neighbours.

VoucherCloud, European Sex Toy League Table
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European Sex Toy League Table (Top 20)

For some context from across the globe, the United States (104) narrowly edge out the UK for bedroom creativity, while Australia (82) would just about creep into the European top 10.

Somewhat surprisingly, Japan (44) would be buried in the bottom half of the table, while romance in Brazil (36) may have seemingly lost a little of that notorious Latin American spark.

Chris Johnson, Head of Operations at Vouchercloud, commented: “A somewhat unique dataset has revealed some truly interesting findings around European love­making. We’re a little surprised that the UK has offered an extremely strong showing, particularly with such reserved English stereotypes.”

“However, the Nordic nations have definitely put the rest of Europe to shame. There’s more than one way to deal with the cold, after all!”

The Danish and Swedish domination of the table may seem even more surprising given that Nordic neighbours Finland (73, 16th place) and Iceland (50, 31st place) are a long way behind in their searches for sex toys.

Vouchercloud’s research also revealed the most ‘experimental’’ countries, based on their likelihood to stray away from more vanilla “dildo” searches.

Despite a lowly 15th place finish in the sex toy league table, the Greeks show a flair for the adventurous ­ just 17% of their total searches were dildo ­specific. Ukraine (20%), Armenia (22%), Russia (23%) and Lithuania (23%) completed the top five, with the UK managing 7th (just 24% of UK searches were for dildo ­specific keywords).

Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Montenegro, Slovakia and Poland made up the most vanilla countries, with dildo ­focused searches exceeding 46% of the total.

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Vouchercloud took 18 of the most popular sex toy products and search terms from Lovehoney – including generic terms like ‘sex toys’ and ‘dildos’ and more niche but still popular products like ‘love eggs’ and ‘jiggle balls’ – and translated them into every Google accepted language.

We made sure to include a focus on colloquial terms not understood by Google Translate where necessary (there were lots of manual checks and enquiring with the international vouchercloud team – some very interesting discussions were had!)

Then, every keyword – the 18 keywords and international variants (plurals, international colloquial terms, etc.) ­ was then put through Google’s Keyword Planner to reveal search volume for every country. This allowed us to discover how many monthly searches over the last year each country had seen for the full set of sex toy searches.

Using these numbers, we were able to work out how many times the internet­ accessing residents of each country searched for a range of sex toys, based on each country’s respective internet penetration and Google’s market share in each country.


List of Languages
Internet Users per Country
Google Market Share per Country
Market Share per Country
Main article image courtesy of Lovehoney

This search inevitably excluded niche and product­ specific searches (certain types of dildos, etc.) – so total sex ­toy focused search for each country will be far, far higher than our data suggests.

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