The world’s biggest study of sex toy sales has been published.

Researcher Jon Millward analysed one million sales at sex toy firm Lovehoney over a five month period “to shed light on people’s sex lives in a way that’s never been done before.”

For the very first time, the sales of one million sex toys and 45,000 of their reviews have been analysed to reveal what we do in our most intimate and uninhibited moments.

His findings shatter the myth that most sex toys are bought by young, single women – in fact, sales were split evenly between the sexes, and 75% of female purchasers were in a relationship and an even higher 79% of male purchasers were attached.

Millward, known as the Ideas Detective, specialises in finding funny quirky data and inventive ways to help people picture the data.

Data came from the UK’s biggest online sex toy retailer,, and is quirkily named, ‘Down The Rabbit Hole: What One Million Sex Toy Sales Reveal About Our Erotic Tastes, Kinks and Desires‘.

5 fascinating findings from Millward’s sex toy study:

  • 1. 18.5% of people write ‘leave with neighbour’ as their delivery instructions
  • 2. All the batteries sold in a year could run a standard rabbit vibrator constantly for 28 years, giving on averagethree million orgasms
  • 3. Last year 900,000 condoms were sold – enough to prevent 43,650 pregnancies
  • 4. Lovehoney sells enough lubricant in a year to fill 268 bathtubs (26,800 litres) or supply a continuous lube shower for 52 hours
  • 5. If you built a tower with all the dildos, vibrators and butt plugs that Lovehoney sell in a year, it would reach all the way from Earth, through the stratosphere and out of the other side of the ozone layer

Millward said: “Down the Rabbit Hole uses the sales of one million sex toys at Lovehoney over five months to shed light on people’s sex lives in a way that’s never been done before. The contents of hundreds of thousands of bedroom drawers can now be known with absolute certainty.”

His 53-page report is the biggest study of sex toys sales ever published.

Jon had access to 1 million sales and approximately 2 million items sold by Lovehoney. He also analysed 45,000 product reviews and 60,000 customer profiles. All the data was anonymised and no identifying data was provided to Millward.

Using incredibly clever textual analysis on the words people used to describe their purchases and their experiences, Jon was able to come up with a huge range of facts about both sales and user satisfaction – as well as indentifying trends, for example men typically use twice as many explicit words in their reviews as women do.

Neal Slateford, Lovehoney co-owner, said: “Jon’s report is a treasure trove of interesting facts on the sex toy industry. He has a brilliant eye for detail and comes up with the funniest statistics on sex you’ll ever read.

“Nothing like this has ever been done before. It’s the biggest report on sex toy sales ever produced.”

Slateford added: “It is great to shatter the myth that toys are most frequently bought by single people. In fact, most sales are to couples looking to enhance their sexual happiness and share the toys together. That sends out a great message about our industry.”

The full report is entitled Down the Rabbit Hole – What One Million Sex Toy Sales Reveal About Our Erotic Tastes, Kinks and Desires and can be reviewed at

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