Love him, or hate him, Donald Trump is the President elect. xHamster has found the Answer.

xHamster wants you to be Porn’s Next President.

xHamster is holding a casting call to be the next on-screen Donald Trump to serve as the President of Porn for the next 4 years

Candidates should submit a non-sexual video dressed in character, preferably with Trump’s signature hairstyle, at which point an online democratic process will determine the winner

The winner will be announced the day before Donald Trump’s State of the Union Address. The winner will receive stardom, and the Twitter handle: @TheRealxHDonaldTrump

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“At xHamster, we are all for democracy. We support America’s decision,” said Alex Hawkins, spokesman for xHamster. “However, everyone is so serious, we thought we would bring in a little fun!”

The cool thing is, it doesn’t stop here: Once, the winner is selected, there will be similar elections to elect his cabinet officials, Supreme Court nominees, wives, and family members.

Photograph of Donald Trump by Martin Schoeller for TIME