YouTube Yanks Sex Rights for the Disabled Video.

Despite its mission to help people who are sexually disadvantaged, it didn’t take long for YouTube to yank’s “The Lover” video because of its porn content.

The video in question featured a handicapped person’s plea for equality and kicked off the new non-profit’s website with a provocative ad for the Asta Philpot Foundation.

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The cause’s namesake Philpot — who suffers from arthrogryposis — narrates a soft porn video via voiceover talking about his love for illegal hookers.

Philpot was advocating for disabled people’s rights to have sex. According to The Guardian, YouTube pulled the ad because it violated its “terms of service.”

A spokesperson said the company “has community guidelines which govern what content is acceptable to post on the site.

When people see content that they think is inappropriate they can flag it and it is reviewed by our staff. If the content breaks our guidelines, we remove it.

Philpot called the decision “pretty disgusting” and maintained that if YouTube had looked passed the nudes it would have understood the video’s “ethical message.” “A friend of mine died without ever having a [sexual] experience and I don’t ever want to let that happen again,” Philpot said.’s operators, the video’s director Jeppe Ronde, and French advertising agency Being/TBWA executive Alasdhair Macgregor Hastie all expressed disappointment over the decision to ban the ad.

YouTube Yanks Sex Rights for the Disabled Video
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Hastie said YouTube is paranoid about bad press and that “nudity immediately sets their lawyers’ teeth on edge.”

He added that he hopes “they’ll look at the film properly … recognize that it’s a subject that needs talking about and put it back up again.”

Director Ronde maintained that Philpot’s fantasy should be available so people can understand the needs of those with disabilities. “Why shouldn’t he be allowed to have his fantasy?,” he asked.

THE LOVER from on Vimeo.