Alex Lecomte to Succeed Lauren MacEwen as 7Veils CEO

LOS ANGELES — Lauren MacEwen has stepped down as CEO of 7Veils social media marketing agency and will be succeeded in the position by Alex Lecomte, the current director of sales.

In April 2010, when social media marketing was still considered “a nascent field by many brands in the adult industry,” noted a rep, “7Veils launched as a consulting service capable of providing a wide-ranging set of strategies aimed at expanding the reach of its clients while improving two-way communication with existing and potential customers across a variety of platforms including: Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Facebook and many others.”

From the company’s inception, the rep said, MacEwen “brought a level of focus and energy that helped to inform and excite executives throughout adult as they began entering the social media marketing age.”

Over the years, the rep added, MacEwen and 7Veils have become known for “serving as a panelist and speaker at many trade show seminars, publishing innovative white paper analysis of social media trends and marketing techniques, answering countless questions and developing strategies that quickly advanced client brands to a position of prominence.” 

MacEwen will transition to an entirely new career as a horse ranch owner and breeder.

“Launching and building 7Veils from scratch into a company that earned the respect of so many in the industry has been one of the great joys of my life,” MacEwen said. “More than that, getting to know so many wonderful people in this industry and building friendships that will always endure has made my journey from the very first time I showed up to a conference knowing no one, until my last day at 7Veils, more fulfilling than I would ever have imagined. I’m excited about my new ventures, but I’m also sure I’ll still be around to see all of you as often as I can and I will be rooting for all of you to continue succeeding together.”

According to new CEO Lecomte, the agency is now “at a very different place than it was when Lauren started it.”

“I know everyone here is very thankful for the exemplary years of leadership and hard work that Lauren put into building our capabilities on a technological and interpersonal level,” Lecomte continued. “Now, we will do our best to continue our growth and to harness the momentum we have into a forward-thinking set of standards that allow our clients to establish better coverage of everything their social media presence is intended to accomplish: bringing in new fans, converting those fans into customers and providing the kind of support that enhances the long-term retention of consumers who like the company they support as much as they enjoy the products and services they purchase from them.”

Find 7Veils online and on Twitter.

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