BIPOC Collective Launches ‘Sex Work A/V Club’

LOS ANGELES — The Black, Indigenous and People of Color Collective (BIPOC Collective) has announced “Sex Work A/V Club,” a workshop intended as the launch of an ongoing course teaching audio and video production skills, set for tonight from 4-6 p.m (PDT).

The webinar is free to BIPOC sex workers and will be led by filmmaker and BIPOC Collective Steering Committee Member and Finance Manager Fivestar.

“Individuals who have the ability to meet their basic needs are encouraged to make a donation towards their admission to benefit BIPOC sex workers experiencing food and housing insecurity, medical, mental health, legal or other resource needs,” noted a rep.

Tonight’s introductory webinar will include tips and tricks for streamlining the media creation process and bumping up production value using universal equipment such as attendees’ phones, cameras and laptops.

“Fivestar is a veteran adult film director, producer, and bondage rigger who thrives on bringing talented, enthusiastic people together to make a product that is more than the sum of its parts. She geeks out on the technology of filmmaking with the goal of reinforcing the power of erotic imagery,” the rep said. “The webinar will include essential paperwork that all new content creators need for partnered content and plenty of hard skills to improve the earning potential of attendees.”

“Over the past year, Fivestar has embraced the technical challenges presented by remote collaborations and contactless shoots,” the rep continued. “Enjoying the educational aspects of these unique productions, Fivestar has found an enriching thread in the process of helping passionate performers build their technical skills, creating tutorials, speaking on production panels and consulting with creators on how to improve their craft.”

A regular director for, Fivestar and longtime business partner Sadie Lola recently created paysite

Click here for additional details about “Sex Work A/V Club” and to register for tonight’s webinar.

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Article Source : – XBIZ is the leading source for adult industry news.

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