France’s Public TV Airs Segment on MindGeek

PARIS — France 24, the public news network funded by the French government to report on international news, released a report today about the legal and political challenges against MindGeek.

Titled “Online Porn: An Empire Under Scrutiny,” the report was broadcast in both French and English language versions.

“In North America, the online porn industry is booming,” reads the show’s description. “Many low-budget shoots are now taking place in Canada. The videos then end up on streaming platforms that are among the world’s most-visited websites. But not all pornographic films are produced legally: Some content is posted without the consent of those involved. In certain cases, this can even amount to child porn or rape. Our reporters François Rihouay, Fanny Chauvin and Loubna Anaki investigate.”

France’s public network also explained that “in a legal first, 50 women filed a lawsuit against MindGeek, the parent company of several online porn platforms, including Pornhub. The case was recently settled out of court, but it could pave the way for more legal action from other victims of online abuse.”

A Sensationalizing Anchor

The English-language version features anchor Mark Owen editorializing with several sensational remarks about how the “sex industry” supposedly “hides stories of shocking sadness and exploitation.”

After mentioning the settled civil case, Owen dramatically gazes at the camera before introducing the report and delivers a rhetorical query, “Will the exploitation end there?”

Owen also refers to the “sex industry” as “a closed world,” despite seemingly endless mainstream news stories.

His reporter, François Rihouay, then confirms to the anchor that it was difficult for him to get adult industry people to respond to his queries, without mentioning that perhaps these people may have a reason to mistrust agenda-driven state-sponsored journalists.

The segment prominently features salacious BTS footage within this supposedly “closed” world, gathered by France 24 during a standard Jessy Jones content shoot to which they had been invited.

To watch the France 24 show, click here.

Article Source : – XBIZ is the leading source for adult industry news.

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