GoAskAlex Talks Banking Discrimination Against Sex Workers With Xtra Magazine

LOS ANGELES — GoAskAlex is featured in Canada’s Xtra Magazine in an article examining the obstacles sex workers face in regards to basic banking, money management and payment processing.

In the piece by Niko Bell, Alex discussed her difficulty obtaining a professional affiliation with local financial cooperative Vancity (Vancouver City Savings Credit Union).

As Bell wrote in the piece, “After several phone calls, interviews and lengthy conversations, Alex says, [a] supervisor finally approved the account. Sitting down to discuss Alex’s business, however, the supervisor explained that adult entertainment was, in fact, not generally in line with Vancity’s ethical standards.”

“Since then, Alex [has] pushed Vancity to update its standards,” Bell continued.

Despite the legality of Alex’s means of producing and disseminating her content, she struggled with bankers’ hesitancy to work with adult entertainers.

“It would be amazing to see a business like Vancity make a public statement advocating for the fair treatment of sex workers,” Alex told Bell. “It could well be the catalyst we need for real change.”

The full article can be found at XtraMagazine.com and follow the magazine on Twitter.

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Article Source : xbiz.com – XBIZ is the leading source for adult industry news.

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