MojoHost, Ant Media Partner on Affordable Livestreaming

MICHIGAN — MojoHost and Ant Media have partnered to deliver ultra-low latency livestreaming via MojoHost’s virtual private servers (VPS).

“MojoHost is now bundling its VPS hosting with Ant Media’s solution to make the experience even better for customers. By ordering your Ant Media streaming service through MojoHost, you’ll receive a VPS free for three months, and reserve the  discounted monthly cost of Ant Media license at only $59 per month,” a rep explained.

The standard price for an Ant Media Enterprise Edition License is $89 per month.

“Together, the web hosting and livestreaming solution are highly cost-efficient and easy to deploy. No additional specialized or expensive infrastructure is required, and MojoHost will handle all the setup and management of your hosting and the bundled software,” continued the rep. “Once the promotional three months are over, customers will continue to enjoy a fully managed solution, including VPS and Ant Media License, for just $149 per month, without any long-term contract.”

Quality and latency

The Mojohost rep explained the essential elements of livestreaming are quality and latency.

“To the participants on both sides of the camera, this means clear and smooth video, minimal buffering and a real-time experience delivered at sub-500ms latency,” they said. “While some livestreaming providers employing legacy protocols such as HLS, or Dash, may cause latency upwards of 45 seconds during their feed, Ant Media provides a superior two-part solution to serve the needs of both traditional latency, and ultra-low latency worlds.”

Ant Media Server’s streaming engine software uses WebRTC technology to achieve “adaptive and ultra-fast streaming with latency as low as half-a-second. To provide full coverage for users unable to stream WebRTC, the solution taps a backup low-latency HLS that delivers data with fantastic quality and latency as fast as three-to-five seconds,” the rep continued.

For many years, one of the most popular solutions has been Flash-driven RTMP, and now with Flash unsupported on all major browsers, WebRTC has become the new standard.

“WebRTC requires User Datagram Protocol (UDP), which is not enabled by default on older devices. Ant Media’s approach to providing HLS as an adaptive protocol based on HTTP has high reliability and scalability,” the rep continued. “Standard HLS latency rates can be dizzying at upwards of 45 seconds, but Ant’s low latency solution drops latency rates to between three-to-five seconds.”

A fully managed experience

MojoHost President Brad Mitchell noted “streaming isn’t the future, it’s already here and it’s a daily part of our lives.”

“We are so excited to help people find their way with the best live streaming products. Our customers likewise want reliability with a product that is going to work seamlessly every day,” he continued. “We are happy to help with a fully managed experience without the premium price. MojoHost is here to help set things up and ensure both hosting and software always run smoothly.”

Ant Media CEO and Co-Founder O?uz Mermerkaya has observed “an ever-increasing need for real-time video and audio streaming platforms, especially after COVID.”

“The Ant Media server, as a fully fledged media server, does not only provide a WebRTC-based ultra-low latency solution to this real-time streaming need, but also it serves the needs of the legacy world of HTTP delivery methods, such as HLS,” he explained. “We’re super-excited to have taken a step forward with this partnership with Mojohost, which will help our customers start enjoying Ant Media Server’s best-of-breed features and capabilities, surrounded with Mojohost’s reliable managed services.”

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