Pinstripe Media Group Launches New Platform TopFanVids

LOS ANGELES — Pinstripe Media Group launches new platform today with 30 clips featuring a starry array of talent from all-male adult, including Beau Butler, Cole Connor, Reign, Manuel Skye, Roman Todd and Isaac X.

Fan-targeted features include direct messaging, tipping and custom clips as well as an array of search functions.

“TopFanVids brings together top industry performers under one easy-to-navigate ecosystem, allowing fans to discover self-produced videos from multiple stars in an all-in-one experience,” explained a rep. “The brainchild of industry veterans working in close partnership with some of the biggest names in adult content, TopFanVids is a new opportunity for established performers to monetize their self-produced content.”

Pinstripe CEO Hector Camacho identified “an unmistakable growing trend of users supporting their favorite stars in an intimate setting.”

“Giving fans the power to subscribe to any specific content creator they wish is a true democratization of porn,” he added.

The six swordsman featured in a total of 30 clips with today’s launch will be joined by two new studs weekly for a minimum of 10 weekly updates.

“It can be difficult — and expensive — to learn about top videos without doing a lot of research on social media, and we feel that TopFanVids will help fans discover some of the biggest and best performer-produced content available,” noted performer, director and TopFanVids model liaison Trenton Ducati

Pinstripe Director of Marketing Ewan French said the platform will be updated with “a variety of content from top models” on a weekly basis.

“Our team saw the growing trend of users subscribing to their favorite models directly. We decided this would be an excellent opportunity to apply our adult paysite experience and create something completely new,” he said. “Members will be able to access it all for one monthly membership price.”

Visit and follow the platform’s newly launched Twitter handle.

New signups unlock a 33% discount for the first two weeks of a monthly membership; visit PinstripeCash for affiliate promotion details.

Contact for additional inquiries.

Article Source : – XBIZ is the leading source for adult industry news.

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