Redditors Identify Most Popular Fetish Subgroups

LOS ANGELES — A simple question inquiring about the popularity of sexual fetishes led several Redditors to identify the website’s most popular fetish subgroups with “r/cuckold” topping the list at nearly 735,000 members.

The search kicked-off when user “u/Ste3e” posted, “What fetish is more popular than you thought?” to the Reddit group “r/AskReddit,” which currently counts nearly 34 million subscribers.

Another user, identified as “u/burn-babies-burn,” listed the main subreddits dealing with fetishes and documented them along their membership numbers.

The list includes the following results:

  • r/cuckold – 734,961
  • r/futanari – 582,463
  • r/bdsm – 592,245
  • r/bbw – 459,102
  • r/preggoporn – 367,159
  • r/transporn – 344,808
  • r/pegging – 294,422
  • r/feet – 244,508
  • r/pee – 201,275
  • r/vore – 41,495
  • r/tickling – 24,612

While this research is not peer-reviewed nor academically legitimized, it does gesture towards the growing and continued popularity of some fetishes.

Porn specifically designated as “cuck” only blew up in popularity a few years ago; the August 2019 XBIZ World cover story, titled “Too Taboo?” identified cuckolding as a burgeoning content category.

Click here for the Reddit discussion.

Article Source : – XBIZ is the leading source for adult industry news.

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