Scarlet Lyone Profiled by Cam Life Magazine

LOS ANGELES — Scarlet Lyone is the subject of a new profile for Cam Life Magazine. The interview covers her experience as an adult content creator in Australia, her turn-ons and turnoffs, celebrity crushes and more.

She also speaks candidly about life as a camgirl.

“Everything happens in stages and it’s no different to my approach in the adult industry,” she said. “For the last year, I’ve been establishing my style of porn, experimenting with new concepts and camming had been on my mind since Day One. Camming takes a whole new level of confidence to do it well and I’m all about showing my face on the screen.”

She noted her confidence “plays a major factor in the way I perform onscreen.”

“I always want to deliver something worthwhile to my viewer, ensuring they have a good time as well as feeling confident in how I’ve delivered,” continued Lyone. “The adult entertainers who began their careers camming on sites like Omegle probably wouldn’t feel that pressure but that’s not how I started.”

“Camming was a request that I’ve had multiple times and I just felt that I’m now at a point where I’m ready to do it,” she continued. “It offers another level of intimacy. I think, in contrast to aiming to produce something perfect for release on the site, seeing me and speaking to me on a FaceTime in real time offers another dimension of me to the site.”

Find the complete interview here. Lyone was also featured last month in Cam Life in their “International Starlet Showcase” column; click here to read it.

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