Stripchat, Lovense Partner on ‘Wild Life’ Adult RPG Marathon

BERLIN — Stripchat has partnered with adult role-playing game “Wild Life” to invite cam performers to join a streaming marathon on the platform — starting today — while playing the game and using newly integrated Lovense toys.

Candy Valley Network, the developers of “Wild Life,” launched the 10-day broadcast marathon today on Stripchat with a demo of the game that supports Lovense toy integration, marking “a new era in adult gaming and giving gamers a unique and immersive experience,” enthused a rep.

The streams will appear in the “Video Games” category on Snapchat; among those joining the marathon will be gamer and performer Alissa Noir, who also appears as a character in “Wild Life.”

“We’re thrilled to partner with the Candy Valley team and Lovense on a truly immersive experience that exposes adults to new sexual fantasies and pleasures that could never be encountered on any other live game streaming platform,” Stripchat VP of New Media Max Bennett said, adding the company is “excited to offer gamers an open-minded platform without censorship or boundaries.”

A Candy Valley rep explained “Wild Life” is “unapologetically X-rated as it leads players through an arousing world of wild encounters. Players guide Maya or Max through exploring the lush, wild planet Kerpal, which, for all of its beauty, holds hidden dangers at every turn. Maya is a descendant of the planet’s inhabitants who survived the crash of their colonist ship eons ago, and since then adapted to its dangers. Max is part of an expedition to Kerpal led by a group of explorers, some of whom have darker motivations.”

“With its rich, immersive sexual experiences, ‘Wild Life’ seeks to break the mold on sex in gaming,” continued the rep. “As Max and Maya explore Kerpal, players simultaneously experience the sexual desires of the lead characters, driving their sexual interactions with a diverse cast of characters, both human and animalistic. Players can experience sex scenes, engaging Max and Maya in foreplay, position changes and interactive experiences like kissing, massaging and afterplay. If Max and Maya find out what the island’s inhabitants truly desire, they are rewarded with steamy and satisfying sexual encounters. If they get rejected too many times, their chances for intimacy quickly dry up.”

Candy Valley CEO Christian Wagenfeldt noted their aim with “Wild Life” is to “not only to create a top-notch gaming experience but also revolutionize the way the mainstream gaming market thinks of and interacts with sex.”

“We’re excited to bring this tantalizing, immersive experience to the public-at-large very soon, giving them the chance to experience gaming in a pulse-pounding way they’ve never experienced before,” Wagenfeldt added.

A Kickstarter campaign will fund the game’s full production; however, players may access a demo on Patron that offers players “two game environments: a quest, which is part of the main storyline, and a sandbox mode, that allows gamers to get acquainted with all inhabitants of the planet Kerpal and try out more than 1,500 sex animations,” the rep said. “Both modes are integrated with Lovense sex toys that react to in-game animations in real time, fully reproducing the intensity and speed of the scene. The integration is universal and supports the whole Lovense toy portfolio.”

Lovense CEO Dan Liu noted the partnership “marks a new chapter in the development of the adult gaming industry.”

“By integrating Lovense smart sex toys with ‘Wild Life,’ a next-level action role-playing game, we have created a unique gaming experience that will impress players with its interactivity and sensations,” he said. “Thanks to our longtime partner, Stripchat, millions of people around the world will be able to enjoy this exciting show.”

Visit for a toy to use while playing “Wild Life”; find for additional details about the game’s development efforts and follow the company on Twitter.

A SFW gameplay trailer is currently available on YouTube.

Adult streamers can find details about joining the Stripchat marathon here.

Article Source : – XBIZ is the leading source for adult industry news.

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