Unlockd Introduces Free Trial Links for Content Creators

LONDON — Adult-friendly fan site Unlockd has unveiled a new feature that allows content creators to generate free trial links.

The new promo service offers prospective subscribers the opportunity to “sample and evaluate the site’s unique amenities risk-free,” a rep explained. “Creators have the ability to choose the length of the subscription, expiration date and max redeems.”

“People are often understandably reluctant to make an online purchase when they are unsure of what they’re going to be spending their money on,” noted the rep. “By offering a free trial and open access to fans, we hope to gain more long-term users and grow an audience that Unlockd content creators might not have gotten otherwise.”

The site is billed as a one-stop shop for creators and an inclusive space for men, women, trans and nonbinary users and creators.

“I love this new feature; it’s been incredibly helpful in increasing my subscriber base on my profile,” observed global brand ambassador Ela Darling. “I sent out the link to fans on my social media and my subscriber count doubled as a result.”

Visit Unlockd.me and find the platform on Twitter; creators can use the onboarding page here.

Find Ela Darling on Twitter.

Article Source : xbiz.com – XBIZ is the leading source for adult industry news.

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