UnlockedXX Launches Instagram Insurance, Cybersecurity Unit

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LAS VEGAS—Australian-based adult fan platform UnlockedXX (UnlockedXX.com) has launched two new security options to protect its users from unforeseen threats to their livelihood.

“We are now implementing insurance policies for UnlockedXX creators that value their online safety, whether from hackers, trolls or people who want to do you harm,” UnlockedXX co-owner Brie Nightwood said. “Since many models use Instagram as a marketing tool to promote their businesses on other platforms, getting hacked or your account deleted can obviously be detrimental to your career. We want to offer protection options … just in case.”

UnlockedXX creators will have the option of a monthly deduction from their accounts to take advantage of the Instagram insurance coverage, which will issue a financial payout to the insured in the event of a hacked and/or deleted account.

Nightwood added that UnlockedXX creators will also have the option of being connected with a professional who has ties to Instagram parent company Meta and can help them get their account restored for a discounted fee. She explained that UnlockedXX had some issues recently that necessitated his recommendation, and “he was able to retrieve our accounts and get us up and running in no time. Now he is working with our company and is giving discounts to our creators who lose their Instagram accounts.”

UnlockedXX is also currently structuring a cybersecurity unit within the site to fortify the service in the unfortunate event of more threats to its creators’ occupations and income. “We are building a solid team of professionals that can help reclaim our creators’ accounts in order to take the stress off of them,” she said. “Our goal is to make UnlockedXX the most user-friendly and supportive service available, and we look forward to getting that up and running in the coming weeks.”

For more information, visit UnlockedXX.com and follow Brie Nightwood on Twitter @brienightwood and Instagram @brienightwood and @nightwoodmedia.


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