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LOS ANGELES — The owners of the established webcam community, WeCamGirls, have launched a new online community WeFanGirls. WeFanGirls is exclusively for new and established adult content creators.

With WeCamGirls, Rutger and Tristan endeavor to “set the bar for cam girls to get insightful tips, chat in forums, and get real recommendations for cam sites.” Now they’ve launched a new site called WeFanGirls.com. The site is a community that offers helpful tools like Creator Name Availability to ensure you stay original and a marketplace to buy and sell shoutouts.

The site also includes resources such as articles on tube sites, traffic sites, social media, making the best content, reviews and more. But the most critical part of the site is the Forum, which allows users to ask questions, share info, and connect with others in the WeFanGirls community, the creators of WeFanGirls said.

And like WeCamGirls, WeFanGirls is free to get an account. WeFanGirls is a private community and to make full use of all the site’s features you will have to be verified as an adult content creator. This is for privacy reasons as well as to keep fans and customers out, the creators of the site added. Fans are not allowed on the website.

“We’ve done well with our sites for cam models and porn stars, so producing a similar site for new and established adult content creators was the next logical step,” says WeFanGirls owner Tristan. “Content creators are a huge part of the adult landscape; they need similar resources as cam models and porn stars to succeed, avoid mistakes, make connections with others in the community, and much more. We’re excited that we’ve launched the site and to be able to help and unite content creators.”

To join WeFanGirls.com, click on “Sign Up” and get verified. 


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