Japanese developers create shocking virtual sex assault game with fake breasts you can touch.

Tech goggles come with pair of realistic looking boobs, which are designed to feel like a real woman.

Japanese developers have taken their tech hobby a step too far – by creating a virtual girlfriend to sexually assault.

In this article on The Mirror, a controversial new head-mounted display game includes a pair of realistic fake breasts, which are designed to make the user feel as if they’re getting to grips with a real woman.

Virtual sex assault game with pair of touchable fake breasts!

Players can see an image of the virtual girl while grabbing hold of the model bust, which is made from the foam of a novelty mouse pad.

Japanese sex assault game
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Using the virtual gaming headset, Oculus Rift, a video-game developer has created a game where users can grope a young woman’s breast.

The programmed reaction of the girl suggests assault as it shows the girl’s body language is unhappy and acts defensively when one or both of her breasts are grabbed.

An added creep bonus is the interactive prosthetic boob simulator that comes with the game.

But on squeezing the doll’s foam breasts, she appears to squeal with shock on the screen, before covering her chest with her arms and turning her eyes to the ground.

The bizarre experience comes after the success of Japan’s first virtual girlfriend designed for lonely men – a cushion which acts like the lap of a real-life partner.

Tech fans are buzzing over the new headset called Rift, which is designed as part of the Oculus Rift series for 3D gaming.

But some are not only using it to provide them with a little comfort on a chilly night – they’ve also designed a controversial sexual assault game.

It is due to be demoed at Japan’s Oculus Rift Festival, but don’t expect non-perverted people to be impressed.

(Picture: YouTube/Roboto Gamer)