A fan who’s a member of the Titcoin community, simply known as Risen Birds, has decided to personally sponsor a giveaway with a bounty of 6,900 free Titcoins up for grabs.

So, porn girls have fans and apparently cryptocoinage does, too.

The September Giveaway offers 100 individuals the chance to garner 69 Titcoins each.

Top three memes will be judged on originality, creativity and reach/exposure on social media.

The contest is very easy. Create a Titcoin meme, a funny, serious or sexy image, which will help raise awareness of both Titcoin and cryptocurrencies in a positive light. Memes should not be hardcore, negative, offensive or racist. As an example, Risen Birds has created this meme.

After you’ve created your stellar meme, Tweet it out to both Risen Birds @RisenBirds and Titcoin @OfficialTitcoin. Risen Birds will pick the 100 winners. And, the top three memes will get an additional 1,000 Titcoins each.

Create a Titcoin meme, and check your Twitter account frequently.

You will know you’re a winner, if Risen Birds retweets your meme, so check your Twitter account frequently. Once you’re chosen, reply to the original tweet with your Titcoin wallet address. Within 48 hours of receiving your Titcoin address, winners will receive their Titcoins.

“We love the response we’ve been getting and Risen Birds is a huge supporter,” says Edward Mansfield. “We’re really honored he created this contest and appreciate all his support. This will definitely help get the word out and I’m curious to see how creative people get with the memes.”

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Find out more about Titcoin by going to http://titcoin.xxx/. And make sure to set up your wallet, so you’re ready if you’re a winner of the September Giveaway.

About Titcoin

Launched in June of 2014, Titcoin is digital currency designed specifically for the 10 billion dollar adult industry.

Like Bitcoin, it is a cryptocurrency that allows anonymity and privacy for the users. Online sites can garner more business since it allows customers to make purchases without a credit card or bank account, and their profits are protected since there are no chargebacks.

And unlike most other cryptocurrencies, Titcoin has exponentially speedier transactions—you get your money in under six minutes, without any unnecessary waiting.

Edward Mansfield, a digital media and online advertising guru with 20 years of experience, and Richard Allen, who has 25 solid years as a mastermind of business development, both founded Titcoin.

Titcoin has been profiled in Men’sHealth Magazine, Vice Magazine, Gizmodo, Bustle, Soundcrave, AVN, and XBIZ.

They may have a catchy name and a sexy logo, but their goal is to be the go-to for the adult industry for digital currency. Get your wallet and start using Titcoin today by going to http://www.titcoins.biz or http://www.titcoin.xxx.

Keep up with their ever-growing empire by following them on Twitter and liking them on Facebook.

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